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Moxibution also known as Moxa is a treatment that has been developed in Japan.
There are different types that can be used. Generally Moxa is put on the skin directly.
However, the treatment used in our clinic is the combination of Moxa with butter
earthenware, this treatment is also known as ‘indirect Moxa’. The reason we use this
treatment is because the effect is longer.
What is different between them?
A temperature of direct Moxa rises quickly to 100℃, and goes down shortly in 2 to 3
seconds, but the temperature of Moxa combined with butter earthenware rises slowly
to 50℃ and a warm temperature is kept for 3 to 4 minutes. Therefore, indirect Moxa
has a longer and more comfortable effect.

Furthermore, we use a high quality Moxa, YAMASHO from Japan.
Moxibution is good for people who have the following symptoms:
Headache, shoulder stiffness, back pain, knee pain, frozen shoulder, osteoarthritis,
orthopaedic disease feeling dizzy, buzzing in your ears, high blood pressure,
stomach ache, menstrual pain, eyestrain, asthma, and other stress.










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